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19th Jeonju JIFF  l  Festival Identity


Slogan & Festival Identity (F.I)


The slogan of the 19th Jeonju International Film Festival is ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression’. This slogan puts an emphasis on the attitude which Jeonju IFF should hold for this year in setting the direction of programming. Jeonju IFF is expected to create an outlet for cinematic expression through the attitude to respect and embrace the diversity of views and tastes and through controversy triggered by challenging films. The slogan, ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression,’ is also the expression of the will to continue the spirit of Jeonju IFF which has supported the freedom of expression in film and arts without being swayed by external pressure. Jeonju IFF will share the visions and world views of film writers, not imposing restrictions on political and artistic expressions.

Festival Identity (F.I)

To commemorate the first year of selecting Jeonju Cinema Project(JCP) films for official posters, the 19th Jeonju IFF identity uses stills from The Best We Can, Winter’s Night, and The Land on the Waves beside the two selected films not only in publications but also in event areas such as ‘Cinema Street’ and ‘Jeonju Lounge,’ with the logotype developed to highlight photographic images which was applied to the overall design. Stills of the three films incorporated in the identity design were taken by photographers at the filming site, engaging with the film crew. The photographers for The Best We Can, Winter’s Night, and The Land on the Waves are Stanislav Honzik, Cho Rok (Lee Yeonghui) who has been working on projects related to the Jeju April 3rd massacre, and Hwang Inmo who has been capturing the history of common people’s lives, respectively. Thus, 19th Jeonju IFF presents an identity design based on photographs vividly encapsulating actual filming sites and behind-the-scene stories untold in finished films.

Official Posters

Unlike other film festivals, Jeonju IFF has been using two types of official posters. The two posters are the same size and used as a pair, which was devised as a way to spotlight the attributes of a film as a medium of art created by a montage of different time and space. Celebrating its 19th anniversary, Jeonju IFF uses stills of two of the five Jeonju Cinema Project films as official posters to reinforce its identity as a festival of independent and experimental films. Stills of the two films, NONA. If You Soak Me, I Will Burn You and A Good Business, are similar in the way they display a sharp contrast between the symbolic meaning of red and emotions generated by black and white and binary opposition of the back of a figure and a close-up of a face, and simultaneously reveal the unique meaning and symbolism of female characters in the narrative. There is a stark contrast between the back of the protagonist in a bright red coat from NONA. If You Soak Me, I Will Burn You and the black and white close-up of a young North Korean defector with eyes shaking with fear when she is caught by a guard. At the same time, however, the films are connected in the way they display fundamental fear and irregularities intrinsic to human life through women. Stills from NONA. If You Soak Me, I Will Burn You and A Good Business are both scenes from respective films. However, the latter was excluded from the final version, hence, is only available as posters of Jeonju IFF. This was planned as Jeonju Cinema Project films were selected as posters, with the intention to emphasize the nature of official posters demonstrating the direction of a film festival and not of usual posters of individual films depicting the protagonist or a scene.


The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival’s official trailer expressed the liveliness of the spring, the holding season of the festival. As flowers come into bloom with bright colors of the spring, there are full of life. Flowers has been changed into the vibrant imagery of butterfly, implying that Jeonju IFF will consistently be changed and create it’s own energy.

Artist Intro

Monica Eunji Kim A visual designer Monica Eunji KIM delivers story through various digital media. After graduating from SVA in New York, She has worked on several projects which include future vision project, product, branding, and UI/UX for 5 years as a motion graphic designer in Google creative lab. Currently, she is an independent art director who performs in various fields such as advertisement, documentary, independent animation.(http://monicak.im)

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