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19th Jeonju JIFF  l  Overview




1. Features and changes in administration

  • The upgraded 'Jeonju Dome'

    For the past two years, we have staged all major event areas in ‘Cinema Street’ in the part of the city that used to be the center of Jeonju and raised efficiency in management and audience satisfaction. As the 20th anniversary of Jeonju International Film Festival approaches, this confirmed the necessity of securing an area exclusive to the film festival. With the cooperation of Jeonju city, positive outcome is expected within a number of years in this regard. Until then, ‘Jeonju Dome’ in ‘Cinema Street’ will be the center stage of the festival.
    Moreover, we have endeavored to resolve the ‘Jeonju Dome’ issue raised last year. We have expanded ventilation facility to create a more enjoyable environment and also installed more air conditioners and heaters in preparation of temperature changes. The sound system has been improved in TFS Tent which had echo problems. We have also installed projector screens for movie theaters to enhance spectators’ cinema experience. ‘Jeonju Dome’ with a large silver screen set in optimal brightness is where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held and where performances will be staged in collaboration with the region’s broadcasting company. The number of screenings on weekends and holidays will be increased to twice a day to invite more viewers.

  • More entertainment in Jeonju IFF Lounge

    We were successful in making ‘Jeonju IFF Lounge’ established last year the center of the Festival, however, some criticized that there was not enough entertainment. In response to this comment, this year’s ‘Jeonju IFF Lounge’ will entertain spectators and guests in various ways. Not only will it continue to act as a rest area for viewers after screening at ‘Jeonju Dome’ but also entertain them with diverse foods, souvenir shop offering charming gifts, and many colorful performances. This year’s ‘Jeonju IFF Lounge’ will be even more worth a visit.

  • Designing Cinema Street

    The entrance of ‘Cinema Street’ will be decorated with the posters of ‘Jeonju Cinema Project (JCP)’ films selected as this year’s festival identity. Posters of the five JCP films will be hung on the street lamp posts softly gleaming in Jeonju red. ‘100 Films 100 Posters,’ a collaboration project of 100 graphic designers designing 100 posters adopted four years ago, will present stunningly creative works. The exhibition hall for ‘100 FIlms 100 Posters’ will also house ‘Disney Legendary’ one of this year’s Special Focus’ programs.

  • Enhanced service for audience and guests

    We expanded the mobile ticketing service adopted last year and improved service for audiences when entering the theater to enhance their experience. In ‘Jeonju IFF Lounge’ where ‘Jeonju Dome’ and other facilities will be located, a rest area will be established for audiences where they may rest and enjoy. ‘Service Zone(lockers, phone charging service, computer zone)’ which was well-received by the audience has been improved further. Services for guests that have become paid services have also been made better. We have secured more seats for guests and expanded P&I screenings to ensure more opportunities for guests. Guest Badge allows convenient access to 'Jeonju Dome'.

2. Features and changes in programs

  • Increased number of invited films and screenings

    As did in the previous year, the number of films and screenings have been raised again. Compared to 223 films shown in the 18th Jeonju IFF, 245 films will be screened this year. The number of screenings has been increased from 530 to 580. Such efforts were made to enlarge the scale of the Festival via quantitative and qualitative enhancements. It also stems from the intention to respond to changes in the cinema environment of Jeonju and to prepare for a new chapter of Jeonju IFF with exclusive theaters to be built in ‘Cinema Street.’

  • Scale of guests upgraded

    The level of perfection and impact of a film festival’s programs are directly linked to each and every guest invited. In particular, this year, with the 20th Jeonju IFF ahead, we sought to raise the scale in inviting guests from abroad to elevate Jeonju IFF’s global status. The basic policy direction was to invite the director or actor of all foreign films screened. As a result, around 130 guests are visiting Jeonju for their invited films, which is a 70 percent increase compared to the last year’s 80 guests. Guests from Asia, Europe, and the American continent have been invited with geographical diversity in consideration and they will visit Jeonju to participate in major Festival programs including not only Competition but also Frontline, Expanded Cinema, and Cinematology.

  • Expansion of Jeonju Cinema Project

    ‘Jeonju Cinema Project(JCP)’ has raised the number of films from three to five for investment and production. Three Korean films and two international project films will be screened. The intention was to enable JCP, in its 5th year since establishment, to provide more opportunities to promising directors inside and outside Korea as we firmly believe that this will be a great asset to the project. Also, the objective of the project is to re-invest in independent films, which, for this year, is with the fruits borne by Our President.

  • Expanding Class Program & Improving interaction with audience

    Started from last year to showcase the forefront of cinema, ‘Frontline’ brings together the directors and cinema experts to discuss the stories behind movies, and share how controversial films are made, through ‘Class’ Program. This is on top of the existing Cinema Classes that provide a session that brings notable directors from Korea closer to the audience. JANG Joon-hwan, JUNG Ji-woo, NA Hong-jin's movies will be discussed in detail. Also, expansion of GV (Guest Visit) times will promote films to be more interactive between producers and audiences rather than simple consumption.

  • Diversification of Special Focus programs

    Starting this year, ‘Special Focus’ programs will experiment bold projects. The core of this change is selecting a theme and creating an archive every year. A special exhibition of the archive is meaningful as it records and recreates. Our first attempt led to the fruition of ‘Disney Legendary’. Such archive exhibitions, illuminating those who left a significant legacy in film history, will encompass everything about the topic, including the number of screenings, invited guests, and events. This is a comprehensive plan to highlight studios, times, groups among others important in the history of cinema instead of the conventional format of highlighting the author, genre, region, etc. In other words, the aim is to escape from the usual format of special exhibitions of multiple international film festivals.

  • Integration of market, investment, and production projects

    Jeonju Project Market(JPM) and Jeonju Cinema Project(JCP) will be further combined and integrated. JPM has supported more than 70 theatrical and documentary film projects for a decade. It has been a decade since the establishment of JPM was reorganized to expand support by establishing Jeonju Cinema Fund(JCF), a fund for low-budget independent films, in the previous year. JPM not only expanded the number of projects and scale of support but also sought to build a path to integrate the system so that Korean projects discovered via JPM can become a JCP. This year, such efforts have been expanded to include foreign projects, and ‘JCP: NEXT EDITION’ program will be run during JPM period. ‘JCP: NEXT EDITION’ program is a project pitching event to select next year’s international JCP project. With a well-organized process of support, investment, and production for worldwide projects, ‘made in Jeonju’ will be exceptional more than ever..

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