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Raul Ruiz´ Time Regained

Three Crowns of the Sailor Three Crowns of the Sailor

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Special Focus | Raul Ruiz´ Time Regained | Raul RUIZ | France | 1983 | 117min | DCP | b&w | Fiction
Director Raul RUIZ Screenplay Emilio DEL SOLAR, Francois EDE, Raul RUIZ Producer Paulo BRANCO Cinematography Sacha VIERNY Art Director N/A Editor Valeria SARMIENTO, Jacqueline SIMONI-ADAMUS Sound Jean-Claude BRISSON Music Jorge ARRIAGADA Cast Jean-Bernard GUILLARD, Philippe DEPLANCHE, Nadege CLAIR, Lisa LYON

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    One of the masterpieces by Raul Ruiz in the 1980s, which begins with the meeting of a student who has committed a brutal murder and a drunken sailor who persuades the student to listen his weird story of life. The sailor, accused of being the only survivor among the crew in the ship, walks around the ports in Latin America. Ruiz´s supernatural world of Limbo represented by the wanderer’s journey, was climaxed with the camera work of Sacha Vierny, cinematographer of Hiroshima, [#i_]My Love[_i#](1959) and[#i_] Beauty of the Day[_i#](1967). The location scenes in Paris and Portugal are illuminated by ingenious optical effects. The film, elegantly playing with traditional storytelling, creates Ruiz´s cinematic sense with all the elements: off-centered storyline, coexistence of different moods, baroque style, unusual philosophical tone, etc. [JANG Byungwon]



"He was born in 1941 in Puerto Montt, Chile, and died in Paris on 19 August 2011. From 1973 he lived in France, where he made most of his more than 120 films. Ruiz´s career began in the avant-garde theatre where, from 1956 to 1962, he wrote over 100 plays. In 1968, he releases his first completed feature, Three Sad Tigers, immediately winning the Golden Leopard in Locarno that year. Ruiz became one of the key Chilean directors of New Latin American Cinema.Influenced by the fabulist tradition that runs through much Latin American literature ,Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jorge Luis Borges, and Alfonso Reyes, Ruiz is a poet of fantastic images whose films slip effortlessly from reality to imagination and back again. Ruiz is renowned and acclaimed worldwide, regular presence, for the past 40 years, in the major international film festivals ? nominated 4 times for the Golden Palm at Cannes, where was also jury in 2002, won the Golden Leopard in Locarno, won the Siler Bear in Berlin, won the Cesar, was nominated for the Golden Lion int Venice, won Twice the FIPRESCI Award in Montreal, was honoured in 2004 Rotterdam - ´Raul Ruiz: An Eternal Wanderer´ and also in 2007 Rome Film Festival that showcased 46 of his films. In 1983, the mythic cinema magazine 『Cahiers du Cinema』 does an exclusive special number, entirely dedicated to Ruiz, a tribute paid to very few directors in the history of World Cinema, electing his film The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting(1978) as one of the best 10 films of the world, made in the 70´s and electing him as the most important French director since Rohmer, Bresson and Godard. "