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Disney Legendary

Inside Out Inside Out

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Special Focus | Disney Legendary | Pete DOCTER | USA | 2015 | 102min | DCP | color | Animation
Director Pete DOCTER Screenplay Pete DOCTER, Meg LEFAUVE, Josh COOLEY Producer John LASSETER, Andrew STANTON Cinematography Grant BABBITT Art Director Ralph EGGLESTON Editor Kevin NOLTING Sound Shannon MILLS Music Michael GIACCHINO Cast Amy POEHLER, Phyllis SMITH, Richard KIND, Bill HADER, Lewis BLACK, Mindy KALING

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640 2018. 05. 09 19:00 Jeonju Dome
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    In the history of Disney characters, it had personified cars and toys as well animals, but never personified emotions. In that sense, [#i_]Inside Out [_i#]showed that Disney can include abstract or conceptual characters, and the new category of characters attracts the public´s attention. Among the five emotion characters, it is ´Joy´ and ´Sadness´ that are frequently conflicting characters. The dialectic of Disney is not merely developing the frame of good and evil, but it shows that a heroine, Riley, needs enough melancholia and sorrow to grow up. It is also a keyword that penetrates our time. In the era of self-development, in which affirmation and joy are emphasized, man could mature through another emotion, melancholia. In [#i_]Inside Out[_i#], Disney gets the difficulties of growth in the mind of the girl set in the reality, instead of the princess. [LEE Sang-yong]



Born in 1968, Minnesota, USA. He is best known for directing the animated feature films Monsters, Inc., Up and Inside Out and as a key figure and collaborator at Pixar Animation Studios. He has been nominated for eight Oscars and won for Best Animated Feature for Up and Inside Out, also has won seven Annie Awards, a BAFTA Children´s Film Award, and a Hochi Film Award.