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Lucky Lucky

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Cinemafest | Cinemafest | John Carroll LYNCH | USA | 2017 | 88min | DCP | color
Director John Carroll LYNCH Screenplay Logan SPARKS, Drago SUMONJA Producer Greg GILREATH, Adam HENDRICKS, John LANG, Danielle RRENFREW BEHRENS, Ira Steven BEHR, Richard KAHAN, Logan SPARKS, Drago SUMONJA Cinematography Tim SUHRSTEDT Art Director Elana FARLEY Editor Robert GAJIC Sound Alex ALTMAN Music Elvis KUEHN Cast Harry DEAN STANTON, Ron LIVINGSTON, Ed BEGLEY, Jr., Tom SKERRITT, Barry Shabaka HENLEY, James DARREN, Beth GRANT, Yvonne HUFF LEE, Hugo ARMSTRONG, And David LYNCH

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111 2018. 05. 04 11:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 1
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725 2018. 05. 10 14:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 1
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    Lucky is a 90-year-old atheist with regular daily routines. Every morning, he wakes up at the same time and starts the day with an exercise. In the afternoon, he goes to the bar to meet his friends. Directed by John Carol Lynch who was an actor himself, the film is a love letter to actor Harry Dean Stanton. The director starred in a David Lynch´s film and their friendship has led the latter to star in this film, Lucky. As Lucky comes to terms with his own morality and loneliness, we´re given insight into human relationships. At the same time, the film is a comedy that beautifully depicts the final years of life. As the story continues, Lucky’s daily routines start to look pathetic. As is characteristic of American independent films, the film’s compelling tale is further enhanced by the cast’s performance. [LEE Sang-yong]


John Carroll LYNCH

Bron in1963, USA.his first major film role as ´Norm,´ in the Coen brothers’ Fargo. Since then, he has worked steadily in film, television and theater, playing an impressive range of characters. Lucky, his first feature, was selected for Haifa International Film Festival, Hamburg Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at 2017 Locarno International Film Festival.