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Korea Cinemascape

Land of Sorrow Land of Sorrow

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Korea Cinemascape | Korea Cinemascape | LEE Johoon | Korea | 2018 | 76min | DCP | color | Documentary
Director LEE Johoon Screenplay N/A Producer LEE Johoon Cinematography LEE Johoon, JO Yoonhwan, CHOI Gyeongsun Art Director N/A Editor KIM Hyungnam Sound PYO Yongsoo Music LEE Jaejin Cast JEONG Youngcheol, LEE Jeongnam, HA Yongbok, SOHN Yeonbok

Program Schedule

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510 2018. 05. 08 11:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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745 2018. 05. 10 20:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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937 2018. 05. 12 17:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 6
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    Lee Johoon, who minutely analyzed in his previous work [#i_]BLACKDEAL[_i#](2014) why privatizations of public enterprises in many countries during the neo-liberalism were disastrous cozy relations between politics and business, is revealing state violence in [#i_]Land of Sorrow[_i#]. When the reclamation project of Seosan started in 1961, people were compulsively sent there and worked like prisoners. They were even married regardless of there will and forced to settle thare. The government didn’t keep the promise they would give them reclaimed lands. Historical situation about Seosan reclamation workers is incredibly shocking and it thoroughly shows violence and corruption of the Park Junghee regime. It is a journalism documentary that with various materials including lively interviews with people involved in the incident and footage, as well as reenactment of play. [KIM Youngjin]


LEE Johoon

Made the indie film from 2000. Mainly focused on the social issues like anti-war, anti-neoliberalism. Now being a leader of Hoon Pro, the production for making broadcasting documentaries and the feature films and so on.