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World Cinemascape

The Scourge The Scourge

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World Cinemascape | World Cinemascape | Jose Celestino CAMPUSANO | Argentina | 2017 | 89min | DCP | color | Fiction
Director Jose Celestino CAMPUSANO Screenplay Jose Celestino CAMPUSANO Producer Leonardo PADIN, Monica AMARILLA Cinematography Eric ELIZONDO Art Director Veronica MANZANARES Editor Horacio FLORENTIN Sound AssizAlcaraz BAXTER, Nahuel REYES SOSA Music Claudio MINO Cast Kiran SHARBIS, Facundo SAENZ SANUDO, Nadia FLEITAS, Ana MARIA CONEJEROS, Gaston CARDOZO, Federico ROMERO, Lihue VIZCAINO, Diana HUUSMANN, Jorge ONOFRI, Pablo SEBASTIAN REYES

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    Carlos is a social worker at a center for juvenile justice, where his colleague Emiliano undermines his position. When the arrival of two boys reveals some administrative problems, both the Center and Carlos run into a crisis. With an acute sense of reality, the film takes a close look at the life in slums in Argentina, and depicts how people living there are tethered by despair that they can’t escape from. As a social worker, Carlos encounters various people who all face grim prospects, but is helpless to resolve their situations. He is not to blame however. By the end of the film, we understand that he is trying to get on with life despite the difficult circumstances, and become filled with awe and respect for his iron will. [KIM Youngjin]


Jose Celestino CAMPUSANO

Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires. He is a film director and writer. He studied filmmaking at the Film Institute of Avellaneda, with an active participation in independents films and videos in the eighties and part of the nineties. His second feature Viking(2009) was received the FIPRESCI Prize and the Special Mention at 2009 Mar del Plata Film Festival. He won the Special Jury Award at 2013 Valdivia International Film Festival for Mud(2012).