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World Cinemascape

Ice Cream and The Sound of Raindrops Ice Cream and The Sound of Raindrops

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World Cinemascape | World Cinemascape | MATSUI Daigo | Japan | 2018 | 74min | DCP | color | Fiction
Director MATSUI Daigo Screenplay MATSUI Daigo Producer YUKIZANE Ryo, ABE Kotaro,HAYASHI Takeshi Cinematography SHIOYA Hiroki Art Director KEISUKEYOSHIDA, KEIKO KATAHIRA, TAKAHASHI Osamu Editor MATSUI Daigo Sound TOMURA Takaomi Music MOROHA Cast MORITA Kokoro, TANAKA Reiko, TANAKA Taketo, AOKI Yuzu

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
101 2018. 05. 04 10:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 4
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407 2018. 05. 07 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 8
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930 2018. 05. 12 16:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 2
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    In Japan, British playwright Simon Stephens’s 「Morning」 is set to be staged for the first time. However, while the rehearsals are in full swing, the project gets cancelled because of low ticket sales. The cast and crew are at their wits´ end but the leading actress suggests that they continue rehearsing. As they prepare the performance with utmost diligence, the actors and staff struggle between reality and fiction. This confusion further instills energy into the rehearsal process. The story is captured in a single 74-minute shot by Matsui Daigo in this youthful and promising work, which seems to be the result of a fascinating experiment on aesthetics aimed at erasing the boundary between cinema and theater. The film´s one scene one shot sequence follows the passage of time and adroitly conveys different emotions. [KIM Youngjin]



Born in Fukuoka in 1985, Matsui leads the theater group ´Gojigen´. He made his debut as a film director with Afro Tanaka in 2012, and his Wonderful World End(2015) was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival. Our Huff and Puff Journey(2015) was a prizewinner at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, and Japanese Girls Never Die(2016) was screened at TIFF, IFFR and 2017 Jeonju IFF.