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Korean Competition

To My River To My River

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Competition | Korean Competition | PARK Kun-young | Korea | 2018 | 89min | DCP | color | Fiction
Director PARK Kun-young Screenplay PARK Kun-young Producer PARK Kun-young Cinematography PARK Kun-young Art Director PARK Kun-young Editor PARK Kun-young Sound JUNG Areum Music N/A Cast KANG Jinah, KANG Gilwoo, HAN Kiyoon

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
366 2018. 05. 06 21:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 6
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518 2018. 05. 08 14:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 6
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906 2018. 05. 12 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 6
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    Jinah, a young poet preparing to publish his first poetry, cannot write any more lately. Her old lover, Gilwoo, is in a coma due to an accident falling in the Han River, but Kiyoon, an old friend, still keeps her carefully. The consolation of the people around her makes Jinah feel more isolated, but she has to lead her own life. [#i_]To My River [_i#]captures the atmosphere of loneliness and slender hopes. It also makes us question what the artistic aura must derive from ordinary life. The present life cannot stay in the present, it keeps quiet in the memories of the past, and it also makes the future blurred. The camera traces the process in which a particular relationship makes the life of characters. [KIM Youngjin]


PARK Kun-young

Born in 1984. A film director based in Seoul, South Korea. He studied literature in university and studied film directing at the graduate school. He made short films Swing(2013), POST(2014), Silent Boy(2015). Silent Boy received an award at Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival in 2015 and was screening at Jeonju International Film Festival, Taiwan International Children´s Film Festival in 2016. To My River is his first feature film.