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Korean Competition

Dreamer Dreamer

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Competition | Korean Competition | CHO Sungbin | Korea | 2018 | 89min | DCP | color | Fiction
Director CHO Sungbin Screenplay CHO Sungbin Producer HWANG Younghoon Cinematography LEE Ukil Art Director KIM Jisung Editor CHO Sungbin Sound NA Jun Music LIM Minju Cast HONG Geuntaek, CHA Jihyun, JANG Junhyun, KIM Jongho

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
265 2018. 05. 05 21:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 6
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406 2018. 05. 07 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 6
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822 2018. 05. 11 14:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 6
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    Geunsu is a defector who broke up with his brother in the escape from North Korea and has just settled in South Korea. He is having an uneasy day because he is troubled by his longing for his brother and cannot adjust to the strange reality in South Korea. Geunsu´s life becomes more dangerous, as he meets Jihyuk who lives as a Chinese restaurant delivery man, once convicted of theft. Geunsu suffers from Jihyuk´s suggestion to intercept drugs, who is enticed to work as a drug carrier. Among recent Korean films dealing with the lives of North Korean refugees, Dreamer introduces the darkest and miserable story. Free of the confines of crime genre, it gazes calmly at the despair of those who are inevitably going to a dead end, with the tone of documentary presenting the raw material as it is. [KIM Youngjin]


CHO Sungbin

Born in 1989, in Republic of Korea. He majored in film directing in university. He started his projects related with film and he made his short film titled Hamburgerman(2015). In addition, Dreamer is his first feature film.