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PROGRAM - Special Focus - Aleksey GERMAN: The Auteur of Confined Revolt

Aleksey GERMAN: The Auteur of Confined Revolt

Twenty Days Without War

DIRECTOR Aleksey GERMAN Aleksey GERMAN: The Auteur of Confined RevoltAsian Premiere
Nation Soviet Union 197796minDCPb&w Fiction
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During the 20-day leave, war correspondent Lopatin travels by train to the distant city of Tashkent. It´s very far from the front but the war seems to be present in people´s minds even there.

* We screen This film with new digital versions provided by Seggull Films.

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
115 2017. 04. 28 13:30 MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 9
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317 2017. 04. 30 12:00 Jeonju Cinema Town 7
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504 2017. 05. 02 10:30 MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 9
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  • Review

    In spite the repression of USSR, Aleksey German gets a chance to direct his 3rd film Twenty Days without War. German uses World War II as a background of film, adapting USSR State Prize-winning author Constantine Simonov´s novel. After the Battle of Stalingrad, a war correspondent & writer Lopatin travels to Tashkent´s hometown, Kazakhstan, etc. This film follows the 20-day journey of Lopatin and the people he encounters. The film transformed the contemporary screw-ball comic actor Yuri Nikulininto into a serious person. In this film German goes one step further than Trial on the Road. In this war movie there is no hero, and like the title represents the description of the war is also nonexistent. Lopatin played by Yuri Nikulin serves as an observer of fragmented episodes revealing director German´s worldview. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Aleksey GERMAN
    Screenplay Konstantin SIMONOV
    Cinematography Valeri FEDOSOV
    Art Director Yevgeni GUKOV
    Editor Ye. MAKHANKOVA
    Sound Tigran SILAYEV
    Music Viktor LAVROV
    Cast Yuriy NIKULIN, Lyudmila GURCHENKO, Aleksey PETRENKO, Angelina STEPANOVA, Yekaterina VASLLYEVA, Nikolay GRINKO, Lyusyena OVCHINNIKOVA, Mikhail KONONOV, Liya AKHEDZHAKOVA, Rashid SADYKOV, Konstantin SIMONOV


Aleksey GERMAN

Born in 1938. Having worked with Lenfilm, the oldest studio in the Soviet Union, he made his first film with Grigori Aronov, The Seventh Companion(1968) and finished Trial on the Road(1971), inspired by a novel written by his father. The film, set during World War II, was immediately forbidden with the excuse that it distorted historical facts: it was not released until 1985.With the advent of the 1990s and the new political situation, German worked on Khrustalyov, My Car!(1998) and it is released after being presented in competition at the Cannes.In 2000, he began to work on Hard to be a God which completed by Svetlana Karmalita and by their son Aleksey German Jr. after he passed away in 2013.