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PROGRAM - Special Focus - Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries

Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries


DIRECTOR Michael WINTERBOTTOM Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries
Nation UK 201290minDCPcolor Fiction
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Karen raises four children while her husband Ian is in prison. She makes efforts to take kids to the distant prison so that they can remember their dad. It is getting harder for her to bear the separation.

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
250 2017. 04. 29 18:30 Jeonju Cinema Town 7
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527 2017. 05. 02 16:30 MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 9
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856 2017. 05. 05 19:30 MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 9
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  • Review

    Despite the fictional elements in this drama film, it refuses to be ruled by conventional genre and without showing much emotions, each character looks natural and realistic. Karen’s husband Ian is imprisoned and she is busy taking care of her four children. Depending on the situation, sometimes with two or four of her children, she visits her husband as frequent as possible. However, the film provides no extra information of why Ian is imprisoned and why Karen acts in certain ways. Each and every scene is filled with Karen and her family’s daily routine. Nothing special happens, but it still touches one’s heart. Probably because they live a fruitful life by being in the present moment and they express strong love in their everyday life. Not Winterbottom’s best work, but a great drama film with his perspective. [Lee Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Michael WINTERBOTTOM
    Screenplay Laurence CORIAT, Michael WINTERBOTTOM
    Producer Melissa PARMENTER
    Cinematography Sean BOBBITT
    Editor Mags ARNOLD, Paul MONAGHAN
    Cast John SIMM, Shirley HENDERSONenderson, Shaun KIRK, Robert KIRK, Stephanie KIRK



Born in UK. His work for television includes The Magic Lantern-a documentary based on Ingmar Bergman’s autobiography, which won the Best Documentary Prize at Valladolid Film Festival; Forget About Me, Under the Sun?shown at the Turin and London Film Festivals, which won the Prix Europa and was BAFTA nominated. His first feature was Butterfly Kiss, which was selected for Competition at Berlinale in 1995.