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PROGRAM - Special Focus - Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries

Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries

9 Songs

DIRECTOR Michael WINTERBOTTOM Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries구분없음
Nation UK 200466minHDcolor Fiction
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An American student Lisa and a British glaciologist Matt fall in love at first sight. After nine concerts and nine sexual intercourses, Lisa abruptly says goodbye to Matt.

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
144 2017. 04. 28 20:00 MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 8
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756 2017. 05. 04 20:00 MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 8
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842 2017. 05. 05 17:00 Jeonju Digital Independent Cinema
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  • Review

    Matt and Lisa first meets at Brixton Academy, a music venue in London. The two are preparing for something new. Matt is planning to travel to Antarctica for a long-term research, and Lisa is an exchange student staying in London for a year. The two watches 9 performances and make love intermittently. Franz Ferdinand, The Danny Warhols, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Super Furry Animals, Elbow, and more ? all perform in the film. 9 live performances and 9 romantic encounters. Their love story contains the music and features a montage of musical language. The 9 musical arts are interpreted and mixed into 9 works of love. After a performance, Lisa finally says good bye to Matt. A controversial film that slightly crosses the boundaries, there is no such film that depicts the level of intensity for love like Winterbottom does. [Lee Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Michael WINTERBOTTOM
    Screenplay Michael WINTERBOTTOM
    Producer Andrew EATON
    Cinematography Marcel ZYSKIND
    Editor Ross BAKER
    Sound Tristan ANECA
    Cast Steve DALY



Born in UK. His work for television includes The Magic Lantern-a documentary based on Ingmar Bergman’s autobiography, which won the Best Documentary Prize at Valladolid Film Festival; Forget About Me, Under the Sun?shown at the Turin and London Film Festivals, which won the Prix Europa and was BAFTA nominated. His first feature was Butterfly Kiss, which was selected for Competition at Berlinale in 1995.