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PROGRAM - Special Focus - Special Screening Bhiksuni

Special Screening Bhiksuni


DIRECTOR IM Kwontaek Special Screening BhiksuniWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 198470minDCPcolor Fiction
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The project was stopped due to resistance from Buddhists in 1984 and is partly restored. A story of a woman who becomes a Buddhist nun, seeking salvation. Interviews help us understand the situations.

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
116 2017. 04. 28 14:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 1
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639 2017. 05. 03 17:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 5
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  • Review

    Bhiksuni was the first film from Taeheung Pictures in 1984. Lee Taewon, the producer, wanted to scale it up with the best staffs: Im Kwontaek (director), JUNG Ilseong (cinematographer), Song Gil-han (writer) and Kim Jimi (actress). After shooting 1/5 of the film, the production halted due to the backlash from Buddhist community.
    Its rush film, found in the garage in 2013, suggests that Bhiksuni might have a masterpiece of Korea. By expressing a couple of scenes with just one scene, it delivers aesthetical tension without sound. The frequent close-ups of Kim Jimi show why too many close-ups are a disaster, how powerful it is when it’s used right, and what are the qualities of the actor to handle it. Bhiksuni is valuable as it’s an unfinished masterpiece and as the condensation and moderation are hardly found in today’s Korean films.

  • Credit

    Director IM Kwontaek
    Screenplay SONG Gil-han
    Producer LEE Taewon
    Cinematography JUNG Ilseong


IM Kwontaek

Born in 1936, Jangseong, Jeollanam-do. He began production department work with The novel of JangHwaHongRyeon(1956) directed by Jung Chnag-hwa and he experienced apprentice method. His debut film is Farewell Duman River(1962). Since then he have been released 102 movies. Chihwaseon(2002) won the Best Director Prize at Cannes which is about Jang Seung-eop who is the artist in the late of Joseon period.