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PROGRAM - World Cinemascape - World Cinemascape: Masters for Shorts

World Cinemascape: Masters for Shorts

Sleeping Beauty

DIRECTOR Ado ARRIETTA World Cinemascape: Masters for ShortsAsian Premiere
Nation France, Spain 201682minDCPcolor Fiction
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In the kingdom of Letonia, the young prince Egon dreams of finding Sleeping Beauty and breaking the spell over her. It’s Maggie, an archeologist, who will provide him with the chance to follow his heart.

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
218 2017. 04. 29 13:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 2
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616 2017. 05. 03 11:30 Jeonju Cinema Town 8
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765 2017. 05. 04 21:00 Jeonju Cinema Town 7
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  • Review

    The Spanish director Ado Arrietta was an inspiration to the underground artists since the 70s. His latest film Sleeping Beauty used a systematic production system and worked with famous actors. This modernized ´Sleeping Beauty´ fable begins in year 2000 with a fictional nation called Kingdom of Letonia. Prince Egon is a rebel with daddy issues. Egon gets on a helicopter to the woods of Kingdom of Kentz, in search of Sleeping Beauty whose been sleeping for 100 years. By reviving the spirit of the classical films replaced by technology, the film was able to reproduce the early color image and bear a magical atmosphere. What stands out in this film is the striking visual idea. Images cross human excitement, passion, confusion. Arrietta uses highly visualized strategy to depict a fantastic story that transcend time and space. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Ado ARRIETTA
    Screenplay Ado ARRIETTA
    Producer Nathalie TRAFFORD, Eva CHILLON
    Cinematography Thomas FAVEL, Yanning WILLMANN
    Art Director Erwan LE FLOC’H, Chus BURES
    Editor Ado ARRIETTA
    Sound Anthieu DESCAMPS, Alexandre HECKER, Christophe VINGTRINIER
    Music Benjamin ESDRAFFO, Ronan MARTIN
    Cast Niels SCHNEIDER, Agathe BONITZER, Mathieu AMALRIC, Tatiana VERSTRAETEN, Ingrid CAVEN



Born in 1942. Having started as a painter, Arrieta began his filmmaking with the short films The Crime of the Spinning Top(1965) and Imitation of the Angel(1966). He won the Great Prize at the Toulon Film Festival with Les intrigues de Sylvia Couski(1974), Also awarded at the Lucca International Film Festival with Vacanza permanente(2006). Sleeping Beauty is his fifth feature film.