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PROGRAM - World Cinemascape - World Cinemascape: Masters for Shorts

World Cinemascape: Masters for Shorts


DIRECTOR Andrei KONCHALOVSKY World Cinemascape: Masters for Shorts구분없음
Nation Russia, Germany 2016130minDCPb&w Fiction
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Paradise tells the compelling story of three individuals, Olga, Jules and Helmut, whose paths cross amidst the devastation of war. Will Olga’s notion of Paradise not be changed?

Program Schedule

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501 2017. 05. 02 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 2
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735 2017. 05. 04 16:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 2
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934 2017. 05. 06 17:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 3
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  • Review

    Set in 1940’s France, a French police officer works for the Vichy government. Jules seems like a warm-hearted person who enjoys walks with his son. As soon it is revealed that he is a perpetrator of the holocaust, any moral judgment becomes confused. Olga, a Russian noble, was taken away for hiding a Jewish child. Paradise is not a typical film that deals with the persecution of the Jews. The technical contribution to this film is the cinematographer, Aleksandr Simonov are excellent, as the beautifully taken black and white images with detailed shorts upgrade the visual quality. Following the footsteps of other Holocaust films like Night and Fog(1995), Shoah(1985), Son of Saul(2015). Paradise won the Silver Lion for Best Director at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Andrei KONCHALOVSKY
    Screenplay Andrei KONCHALOVSKY, Elena KISELEVA
    Producer Andrei KONCHALOVSKY, Florian DEYLE
    Cinematography Alexander SIMONOV
    Editor Ekaterina VESHEVA
    Music Sergei SHUSTITSKY
    Cast Julia VYSOTAKAYA, Christian CLAUβ, Philippe DUQUESNE, Vict or SUKHORUKOV, Peter KURTH



Born in 1937. He collaborated Andrey Lublipov(1966) with Andrey Tarkovsky. He has also directed films, such as Tango and Cash(1989), House of Fools(2002), and Sibiriada(1979) won the Jury Special Prize at the Cannes in 1979. His filmography, The Postman’s White Nights(2014), and his most recent film Paradise won the Best Director Award at the VIFF in 2014 and in 2016.