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PROGRAM - Competition - International Competition

International Competition


DIRECTOR Chloé Robichaud International CompetitionAsian Premiere
Nation Canada 201698minDCPcolor Fiction
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A little island, Besco, is facing economical and political issues. The path of three women will cross as they help the country to survive. But will they remain faithful to themselves?

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
243 2017. 04. 29 17:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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403 2017. 05. 01 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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703 2017. 05. 04 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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  • Review

    Robichaud became a new star of the Quebec cinema when Sarah Prefers to Run(2013) was screened in the Un Certain Regard Section at Cannes Film Festival. Her second film, Boundaries, is a political drama that takes place in Besco, an imaginary country on the coast of Canada. A Canadian delegation comes to Besco to negotiate natural resource development. There are Felixe, a 25-year-old Canadian MP; Danielle, Besco´s president; and Emily, a mediator for the negotiation. In the process, the women are threatened by lobbyist and terrorists. While Boundaries talks about politics on the surface, it deals with women’s identity. It incorporates politics to depict the choices of women on edge. Robichaud portrays the clash between private and public spheres with women struggling to keep a work-life balance. The film delights us with dry humor. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Chloe ROBICHAUD
    Screenplay Chloe ROBICHAUD
    Producer Fanny-Laure MALO, Rierre EVEN, Marie-Claude POULIN, Barbara DORAN
    Cinematography JessicaLee GAGNE
    Art Director Carolyne de BELLFEUILLE
    Editor Michel ARCAND
    Music Simon BERTRAND
    Sound Francois GRENON, Jean-Francois SAUVE, Luc BOUDRIAS
    Cast Macha Grenon, Emily VANCAMP, Nathalie DOUMMAR


Chloé Robichaud

Born in 1988, Quebec, Canada. She studied film studies at Concordia University. Her short film, Herd Leader(2012) was named Court metrage section at Cannes Film Festival. Her first feature film, Sarah Prefers to Run(2013) was invited to Un Certain Regard section at Cannes Film Festival. She is also creator of the web series, Feminin/Feminin(2014). Boundaries is her second feature film.