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PROGRAM - Competition - International Competition

International Competition


DIRECTOR Davi PRETTO International CompetitionAsian Premiere
Nation Brazil 201690minDCPcolor Fiction
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A rich landowner appears buying land in a remote rural area. Dione sees his existence in danger. The rifle becomes his new companion.

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
203 2017. 04. 29 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
Ticket Wish
518 2017. 05. 02 14:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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743 2017. 05. 04 17:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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  • Review

    Rifle takes place in the countryside of Southern Brazil where Dione is one of the few left behind in a quiet rural town surrounded by plain fields and sheep ranches, as other landowners are making their visits with the goal of area development. Intially appearing as a slow narrative, the film develops the increasing tension of a genre film and after the film´s midpoint Rifle´s true nature is expected. The hardboiled tone is in a skillful balance under the structure of a Western with its divide between native and conqueror. Faced with landowners who try to force the ´convenience´ of civilization, Dione´s struggle ultimately leads to violence. With the uneasy coexistence of everyday lifestyle and limitlessly expanding capitalism, the film hints at an unseen violence behind the relationship between humans and machines. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Davi PRETTO
    Screenplay Davi PRETTO, Richard TAVARES
    Producer Paola WINK
    Cinematography Glauco FIRPO
    Art Director Richard TAVARES
    Editor Bruno CARBONI
    Music Davi PRETTO, Marcos LOPES, Tiago BELLO
    Sound Marcos LOPES, Tiago BELLO
    Cast Dione Avila de OLIVEIRA, Evaristo GOULARTE, Andressa GOULARTE, Elizabete NOGUEIRA, Livia GOULARTE, Francisco Fabricio DUTRA DOS SANTOS, Sofia FERREIRA



Born in 1988, Porto Alegre. His first feature Castanha(2014) was selected by several film festivals including 64th Berlinale. He is also partner at Tokyo Filmes, an independent film company based in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil. He produced and curated film series and retrospectives shown in important cultural centers in Brazil. Rifle is his second feature film, won the Best Film at 49th Brasilia Film Festival.