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PROGRAM - Competition - International Competition

International Competition

In Between

DIRECTOR Maysaloun HAMOUD International CompetitionAsian Premiere
Nation Israel, France 2016102minDCPcolor Fiction
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Three young Palestinian women are caught between hometown tradition and big city abandon. The price they must pay for a lifestyle that seems obvious to many: the freedom to work, party, fuck, and choose.

Program Schedule

Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
324 2017. 04. 30 14:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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642 2017. 05. 03 17:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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903 2017. 05. 06 10:30 CGV Jeonjugosa 7
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  • Review

    Three women living in the central of Tel Aviv have different life styles. Yet, different as it may they all have their own challenges in coping with home traditions and city life culture. It is the three Palestinians’ contradictions of responsibility between the balance of work, party and sex. During this process, each witnesses the other’s flaw and develops a bond. While one is faithful to traditions and do house work, the other is the popular amongst men. However, they are similar in a way that they all have to cope with a patriarchy society. Their similarity is to live as a woman and that they are bound as a Palestinian woman regardless of whether they have a city or traditional life style. Maysaloun Hamoud’s debut film presents a solid drama that criticizes the reality she experienced. There is truth held by the women’s bond of sympathy. [Lee Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Maysaloun HAMOUD
    Screenplay Maysaloun HAMOUD
    Producer Shlomi ELKABETZ
    Cinematography Itai GROSS
    Editor Lev GOLDSER, Nili FELLER
    Music MG SAAD
    Cast Mouna HAWA, Sana JAMMELIEH, Shaden KANBOURA, Mahmoud SHALABY, Henry ANDRAWES


Maysaloun HAMOUD

Born in Budapest. She studied Middle Eastern History at the Hebrew University followed by Film at the Minshar Film School. She directed the shorts films Shades of Light(2009), Scent of Morning(2010), Salma(2012). Her feature film, In Between, has won awards at several film festival such as Haifa International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival.