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Program  l  Cinematology



  • The topic of this year’s ‘Cinematology’ is a trip to film in early days. Pay attention to two films with primitive charm: Lumiere!; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;} is an anthology documentary about milestone films early in film history among thousands of works directed by Lumiere brothers. Thierry Fremaux, the director of Cannes Film Festival and chairman of Institut Lumiere, picked films and commentated. Saving Brinton ; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}shows the passionate life of Michael Zahs, a cineaste who preserves the collection of mysterious film collector Frank Brinton. Thanks to Zahs’s efforts, cinematic legacy including works of Georges Melies were restored to have clear video quality. Brinton’s collection will be screened with voice-over commentary of Zahs including magical cinemas of Melie. Also exemplary films that give out knowledge, interest, information and introspection including Galileo's Thermometer; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, his conversation with Italian cult writer Tonino del Bernardi. Marco Ferreri: Dangerous but Necessary; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, a helpful guide about Marco Ferreri who is one of the most exceptional writers in Italian film history. Jean Douchet, Restless Child; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, a track to the trace of a critic Jean Douchet who emphasizes the importance of cinemateque and education for cinema. Blue Velvet Revisited; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, a reproduction of hidden records of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, Luce, About Jean Vigo; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, a retrospect on Jean Vigo by his daughter and The Greenaway Alphabet; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, collection of questions and answers between Peter Greenaway and his daughter, are waiting to meet audiences.
  • Blue Velvet Revisited

    Blue Velvet Revisited

    Based on hours of documentary footage that was filmed and photographed in 1985 in the USA, on the set of Blue Velvet by David Lynch. These lost and mostly never before seen images are revisited and reinterpreted now.
    Director_ Peter BRAATZ
    Germany, Slovenia201686minDCPDocumentary
  • Galileo´s Thermometer

    Galileo´s Thermometer

    Shot in Italian Piemonte with the family of the italian filmmaker Tonino De Bernardi. A film about transmission between generations, about their love, their respect for life and art, and each other.
    Director_ Teresa VILLAVERDE
  • Jean Douchet, Restless Child

    Jean Douchet, Restless Child

    An influential film critic, Jean Douchet has travelled the world to meet the public and to talk about the films. Three young film-lovers followed him with their camera to try to unravel the mystery of a man.
    Director_ Fabien HAGEGE, Guillaume NAMUR, Vincent HAASSER
  • Asian Premiere
    Luce, About Jean Vigo

    Luce, About Jean Vigo

    Luce is the daughter of the filmmaker Jean Vigo. For many years, she was unaware of what she had inherited. Today, with her son, she opens the chet of memories.
    Director_ Leila FERAULT-LEVY
  • Lumiere!


    A journey into the universe of the founders of cinema, Lumiere! delivers unforgettable images and a unique view of France and the world at the dawn of the modern era; from among more than 1,400 of their films.
    Director_ Thierry FREMAUX
  • Marco Ferreri: Dangerous but Necessary

    Marco Ferreri: Dangerous but Necessary

    This film is a both supernatural and terrestrial journey into the unique cosmos of an author who chooses to treat the human being in his essential corporeal and behavioural nature. "
    Director_ Anselma DELL´OLIO
  • Asian Premiere
    Saving Brinton

    Saving Brinton

    When an eccentric collector discovers the showreels of the man who brought moving pictures, he begins a journey to restore the legacy of America’s greatest movieman and save the irreplaceable treasures.
    Director_ Tommy HAINES, Andrew SHERBURNE????????, John RICHARD
  • The Greenaway Alphabet

    The Greenaway Alphabet

    In intimate conversations with his perceptive daughter Zoe, we discover the whos, whats and whys about Greenaway. Zoe’s spontaneous questions penetrate Greenaway to the core to make a deeply personal portrait.
    Director_ Saskia BODDEKE