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Program  l  Expanded Cinema


Expanded Cinema

  • ´Expanded Cinema´, presenting 27 films, including short and feature, with very varied figures, invites the audience to observe a wide range of experimental styles and modes from legendary films to the newcomers´ ones in the Avant Garde Cinema. These films draw out the attention of audience, sharing the objectives to ask about the essence of cinema: Readers by James Benning, tenaciously observing the act of ´reading the books´ and asking what the act of watching by the observer means at same time, Streetscapes(dialogue) by Heinz Emigholz finding out the relation between cinema and architecture through the endless conversation, The Green Fog by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson seeking the fresh inspiration through interpretation the Alfred Hitchcock´s classic Vertigo(1958), The Realm of Perfection asking about the interrelationship between cinema and sports, with searching for the properties of camera, Prototype that changes the images of nature disaster into visual design of SF film and let the audience experience the visual wonderment, Good Luck by Ben Russell continuing to move to different places and drawing the map of contemporary capitalism, Let the Summer Never Come Again creating original visions alike the painting with the images captured by the cellular phone, Once There was Brasilia, a low-budget SF film ignoring the limitations of the representation. Finally we expect the audience to pay attention to the short films that experiment the relation of the things unrelated such as Fantasy Sentences by Dane Komljen who directed All the Cities of the North(2016), Unrest, the third movement in a trilogy by Philippe Grandrieux, ?Strangely Ordinary This Devotion, Mountain Plain Mountain, Dark Wave, etc.
  • Asian Premiere
    Two Basilicas

    Two Basilicas

    A confrontation between two church buildings but also a dialogue between two concepts of church and community: the Protestant Grundtvig’s Church in Copenhagen and the Catholic Cathedral in Orvieto.
    Director_ Heinz EMINGHOLZ
    Denmark, Germany201836minDCPDocumentary
  • Asian Premiere
    Strangely Ordinary This Devotion

    Strangely Ordinary This Devotion

    A visceral exploration of feral domesticity, queer desire, and fantasy in a world under the threat of climate change. The film offers a radical approach to collaboration and the conception of family.
  • Asian Premiere


    The third movement in a trilogy that brings us closer to a body as a recipe from the depths of time, an archaic body that we do not know, yet which never ceases to project our anxiety into us.
    Director_ Philippe GRANDRIEUX
  • Asian Premiere
    Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt

    Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt

    Yoni Brook and Pacho Velez´s Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt presents New York City in a single-shot (from above) microcosm as an everyman struggles to enter the subway, a droll take on human-versus-machine.
    Director_ Pacho VELEZ, Pacho VELEZ, Yoni BROOK
  • Mountain Plain Mountain

    Mountain Plain Mountain

    Shot in Obihiro,?the last venue to host a rare kind of draft horse races. Putting together a mix of motionless shots and rhythmical montages, the slowness of the bizarre races is twisted to its limit.
    Director_ ARAKI Yu, Daniel JACOBY
    Netherlands, Spain, Japan201821minDCPExperimental
  • Asian Premiere


    “This world has always seemed to me to be somewhat strange, somewhat alien to all of my emotions”. Tesa Arranz, a key figure in the 1980s Madrid scene, has painted over 500 portraits of outer-space creatures.
    Director_ Luis LOPEZ CARRASCO
  • Dark Waves

    Dark Waves

    In an ultra-connected society where electromagnetic waves have invaded almost every space, three people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity talk about survival in a world.
    Director_ Ismael Joffroy CHANDOUTIS
  • The Amorous Indies

    The Amorous Indies

    The amorous indies is an opera-ballet created by Jean Philippe Rameau in 1735. The director adapts a short part of the ballet by mobilizing a group of Krump dancers, an art form born in Los Angeles black ghetto.
    Director_ Clement COGITORE
  • Fantasy Sentences

    Fantasy Sentences

    Many years ago, the cities by the river were gripped by a contagion. Things started to change and everything slowly became something else.
    Director_ Dane KOMLJEN
    Germany, Denmark201717minDCPExperimental
  • Return


    Two journeys take place in two different periods. One is a train journey across two continents. The other follows an old family photograph back to life during wartime.
    Director_ HUANG Pang-Chuan
  • Asian Premiere
    Newsreel 63, The Train of Shadows

    Newsreel 63, The Train of Shadows

    How to relate the first Lumiere film about a train to dangerous scenes shot on a smartphone by refugees? It is part of an activist movement striving to revive the independent, critical newsreel efforts.
    Director_ Nika AUTOR