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  • ‘Masters’ was a subsection of ‘World Cinemascape’ until last year, but it is now an independent section. This year’s ‘Masters’ is full of most important writers of today including Abbas Kiarostami, Lav Diaz, Abel Ferrara, Claude Lanzmann, Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Michael Haneke, Christian Petzoldt and Corneliu Porumboiu. Foxtrot; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;} directed by Samuel Maoz, who became a master with just two films where structure and nuance were maximized, is one of the best in ‘Masters’. Foxtrot; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, released in 8 years of break after Lebanon; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}(2009), is the most impressive one among late films. Season of the Devil ; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}directed by Lav Diaz, educed fear and beauty from traumatic history of the Philippines, and Abel Ferrara’s Alive in France ; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}is a documentary showing portrait of an artist, where artistic activities are grafted with the theme of ‘addiction’, which Abel Ferrara has digged into. Abbas Kiarostami’s 24 Frames; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;} is an essay film about pictures he loved, and Infinite Football ; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}is Corneliu Porumboiu’s second soccer film, where he appears himself as an interviewer. Napalm; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, Claude Lanzmann directed remembering his intense experience of visiting North Korea in the 1950s, also conveys autobiographic voice of the director. Films of authors who have strong connection to the Jeonju International Film Festival such as Denis Cote’s A Skin So Soft; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, Laurent Cantet’s The Workshop; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, Christian Petzold’s Transit; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, and Raymond Depardon’s 12 Days ; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}are anticipated. Besides, new works of Sergei Loznitsa, Kathryn Bigelow, Jean-Claude Brisseau, Ai Weiwei and Arnaud Desplechin raise expectations as well.
  • 12 Days

    12 Days

    By French law, anyone admitted to the hospital without their consent must be seen by a judge within 12 days. Based on medical records and a doctor’s recommendations, a crucial decision has to be made.
    Director_ Raymond DEPARDON
  • 24 Frames

    24 Frames

    The final film from Abbas Kiarostami is a wordless series of sketches elaborating on his lifelong fascination with photography.
    Director_ Abbas KIAROSTAMI
    Iran, France2017114minDCPFiction
  • 7 Days in Entebbe

    7 Days in Entebbe

    Inspired by the true events. Four hijackers take over an airplane bound for Entebbe, Uganda in 1976 in an effort to free of dozens of Palestinian and pro-Palestinian prisoners in Israel.
    Director_ Jose PADILHA
    USA, UK2018107minDCPFiction
  • A Skin So Soft

    A Skin So Soft

    An open exploration of the daily lives of six men consumed by their passions: performance, discipline and overcoming the body´s constraints.
    Director_ Denis COTE
  • Asian Premiere
    Alive in France

    Alive in France

    Abel Ferrara headlines a series of concerts and a film retrospective in France dedicated to songs and music from his films. Preparations with his family and friends show another side of legendary films.
    Director_ Abel FERRARA
  • Detroit


    In Detroit on a warm summer’s night in July 1967. The city was already two days into a chaotic period of non-stop civilian rioting, criminal looting, and police brutality.
    Director_ Kathryn BIGELOW
  • Dovlatov


    Dovlatov charts six days in the life of the brilliant, ironic writer Sergei Dovlatov who saw far beyond the rigid limits of 70s Soviet Russia.
    Director_ Aleksey GERMAN Jr.
    Russia, Poland, Serbia2018126minDCPFiction
  • Foxtrot


    Michael and Dafna are devastated when army officials show up to announce the death of their son Jonathan. Michael spirals into a whirlwind of anger to experience one of life´s unfathomable twists.
    Director_ Samuel MAOZ
  • Happy End

    Happy End

    A palatial estate in Calais where the high-strung Laurent clan begins to unravel after an accident on one of the family firm´s construction sites brings class tensions between them and their workers to a boil.
    Director_ Michael HANEKE
    France, Germany, Austria2017107minDCPFiction
  • Asian Premiere
    Human Flow

    Human Flow

    An epic film led by the artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. It elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact.
    Director_ AI Weiwei
  • Asian Premiere
    Infinite Football

    Infinite Football

    Last fall, a good childhood friend of mine, Florin, told me that his brother invented a new sport by changing the rules of the football game. One month later I went to Vaslui to learn more about the new sport ...
    Director_ Corneliu PORUMBOIU
  • Ismael´s Ghost

    Ismael´s Ghost

    Ismael still mourns the death of Carlotta, twenty years earlier. Yet he has started his life over again with Sylvia. Sylvia is his light. Then Carlotta returns from the dead. Sylvia runs away.
    Director_ Arnaud DESPLECHIN
  • Napalm


    The breathtaking and brief encounter, between a French member of the first Western European delegation invited to North Korea after the Korean war and a nurse working for the Korean Red Cross hospital.
    Director_ Claude LANZMANN
  • Season of the Devil

    Season of the Devil

    In the late 70s, a gang of militias terrorizes a remote village in the Philippines. Hugo decides to find out the truth about the disappearance of his wife. A love story set in the darkest period of Philippine.
    Director_ Lav DIAZ
  • Tempting Devils

    Tempting Devils

    A woman discovers curious erotic messages on a lost cell phone in the train. When she meets the owner of the phone, a liberated young woman, the two of them embark on an erotic journey.
    Director_ Jean-Claude BRISSEAU
  • Asian Premiere
    The Bottomless Bag

    The Bottomless Bag

    Inspired by Akutagawa Ryunosuke´s story 『In a Grove』. The plot takes place during the reign of Russian Emperor Alexander II. A lady-in-waiting is telling the prince in his palace a metaphysical fairy tale.
    Director_ Rustam KHAMDAMOV
  • The Prayer

    The Prayer

    To stop using drugs, Thomas joins an isolated community in the mountains. The members overcome their addiction through prayer and work. Here Thomas discovers friendship, rules, love, and faith.
    Director_ Cedric KAHN
  • The Workshop

    The Workshop

    La Ciotat, the South of France. Antoine attends a summer writing workshop in which a few young people have been select\ed to write a crime thriller with the help of Olivia, a famous novelist.
    Director_ Laurent CANTET
  • Transit


    The German refugee escapes to Marseille in the nick of time. In Marseille, only those who can prove they will leave may remain. Transit visas, and those scarce tickets for passage by ship are much needed.
    Director_ Christian Petzold
    Germany, France2018101minDCPFiction
  • Asian Premiere
    Victory Day

    Victory Day

    Every year, on the 9th of May, people gather in Treptower Park in Berlin. They celebrate the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany. It´s a direct reportage from Treptower Park 72 years after the victory.
    Director_ Sergei LOZNITSA
  • Yocho (Foreboding)

    Yocho (Foreboding)

    Miyuki tells Etsuko that she has a ghost in her home. When Etsuko goes to her home, there is only her father there. Etsuko takes her to the hospital, Miyuki receives a diagnosis that she lacks the concept of ´family´.
    Director_ KUROSAWA Kiyoshi