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World Cinemascape

  • World Cinemascape', a section for a glimpse into the trend of world cinema, will present diverse films that caught attention at various international film festivals including Indian film The Bangle Seller, A Sort of Family, showing the reality of Argentine families, On Chesil Beach and The Children Act, based on Ian McEwan‘s novels, Custody, the controversial film of the year, and The Death of Stalin, a sensational film, as well as The Widowed Witch, Tiger Award winner of the International Film Festival Rotterdam.
    Young directors’ films Gutland and MILLA are filled with love-hatred toward a life of people stuck in closed spaces, and Charleston, Hannah and The Cakemaker, chronicles of a scar, will arouse sympathy in different ways. Cinematic intensity of abduction films Pororoca; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;} and Closeness; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;} and a portrait of July Tales ; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}and Passage of Life ; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}showing dialectic of meeting and absence, are also attention catchers. Mary Shelley; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, based on a biography of Mary Shelley, the author of 『Frankenstein』, and Sukita: The Shoot Must Go On; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;}, a story of photographer Sukita Masayoshi who worked with many of celebrities, are films that delicately deal with portraits of artists. Like Zagros; color:#000000; italic:Y; bold:N;} that shifts back and forth between the reality, many films deal with the reality at different places of the world, and River’s Edge, a noticeable new film directed by Yukisada Isao will bring cinematic interest and introspection together.
  • A Sort of Family

    A Sort of Family

    Malena is a successful doctor about to hit middle-age who receives a call that will change her life: the baby she adopted is about to be born. She goes to retrieve him from his surrogate mother.
    Director_ Diego LERMAN
  • Alanis


    Alanis works as a prostitute. She has a baby and shares the flat with her friend Gisela which she lives and attends to her clients, until two municipal inspectors close down her home and arrest Gisela.
    Director_ Anahi BERNERI
  • Amiko


    Amiko, a high school girl, adores Aomi to the point of nearly worshipping him. But one day, he runs away from home. Amiko´s cynical, self-deprecating inner monologue goes off like vibrant stand-up comedy.
    Director_ YAMANAKA Yoko
  • Charleston


    A couple of weeks after his wife Loana dies in a car crash, drunk and alone on the night he turns 42, Alexandru receives a visit. Sebastian, a shy, younger man, has been Loana´s lover for the past five months.
    Director_ Andrei CRETULESCU
    Romania, France2017115minDCPFiction
  • Closeness


    Ilana works in her father’s garage to help make ends meet. One evening, family and friends gather to celebrate the betrothal of her brother David. In the night, the young couple kidnapped and a ransom is demanded.
    Director_ Kantemir BALAGOV
  • Asian Premiere


    Cobain cares deeply for his mother Mia who just can’t get a grip on her life, even now that she is pregnant with another child. But Cobain takes responsibility and tries to help Mia to be a good mother for once.
    Director_ Nanouk LEOPOLD
    Netherlands, Belgium, Germany201794minDCPFiction
  • Custody


    Miriam and Antoine divorce. Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son Julien to protect him from a father who she claims is violent. Taken as a hostage between his parents, Julien is pushed to prevent the worst.
    Director_ Xavier LEGRAND
  • Asian Premiere
    Generation Wealth

    Generation Wealth

    A investigates the pathologies that have created the richest society the world has ever seen. It´s a companion of sorts to the book and exhibition, chronicling both Greenfield’s development over her career.
    Director_ Lauren GREENFIELD
  • Gutland


    In this rural thriller, a stranger finds refuge in a small village. As he gradually integrates the community, it emerges that he’s not the only one with a past to hide.
    Director_ Govinda VAN MAELE
    Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany2017107minDCPFiction
  • Hannah


    Left alone grappling with the consequences of her husband´s imprisonment, Hannah begins to unravel. Through the exploration of her fractured sense of identity and loss of self-control.
    Director_ Andrea PALLAORO
    Italy, Belgium, France201795minDCPFiction
  • Ice Cream and The Sound of Raindrops

    Ice Cream and The Sound of Raindrops

    A stage performance is suddenly cancelled, but one actress suggests they continue rehearsing. For a month, the young actors struggle between reality and fiction, as well as between film and the stage.
    Director_ MATSUI Daigo
  • Asian Premiere
    July Tales

    July Tales

    Paris and its suburbs. Two stories, four girls, four boys, on one summer day that will change their lives forever. The film consists of two short films.
    Director_ Guillaume BRAC
  • International Premiere
    Listen to Light

    Listen to Light

    Shiori, Yukiko, Kyoko and Sachiko continue to live each day with untold feelings inside. Unable to forget, each woman takes a step forward. There is a light that sometimes embraces them, calmly.
    Director_ SUGITA Kyoshi
  • Mary Shelley

    Mary Shelley

    Rebellious Mary Wollstonecraft and a poet Percy Shelley, their love affair scandalizes polite society. When tragedy strikes, Mary transforms her pain into the world’s first science fiction novel.
    Director_ Haifaa AL MANSOUR
    USA, UK, Luxembourg2017120minDCPFiction


    Milla 17, and Leo not much more, run away to a small town by the English Channel. A love to live, a life to invent, a life to hold on to, always, no matter what.
    Director_ Valerie MASSADIAN
  • Asian Premiere
    On Chesil Beach

    On Chesil Beach

    Adapted for the screen by McEwan himself. A young couple find their idyllic romance colliding with issues of sexual freedom and societal pressure, leading to an awkward and fateful wedding night.
    Director_ Dominic COOKE
  • International Premiere
    ONE PIECE International Classics -Movie Brain-

    ONE PIECE International Classics -Movie Brain-

    Each piece of the film is a one-story complete drama composed of only one scene, one cut. It does not do camera work such as zoom at all, it does not do editing after shooting or adding sound at all.
    Director_ YAGUCHI Shinobu, SUZUKI Takuji
    Japan201487minHD CamFiction
  • Passage of Life

    Passage of Life

    "A Burmese family of 4 is living in Japan. One day they get a letter that will change their
    lives forever. Based on a true story, this is a tale of love that across the borders."
    Director_ FUJIMOTO Akio
    Japan, Myanmar(Burma)201798minDCPFiction
  • Pororoca


    "Cristina and Tudor have founded a happy family with their two children, Maria and Ilie. They seem to live the life of an ordinary couple. But Maria disappears, their lives abruptly change forever.
    Director_ Constantin POPESCU
    Romania, France2017154minDCPFiction
  • World Premiere


    A truck causes the death of a woman. Akamatsu´s company becomes the target of the public´s wrath, he realizes that a structural defect may have been to blame, and requests to carry out new tests.
    Director_ MOTOKI Katsuhide
  • River´s Edge

    River´s Edge

    After Haruna saves Ichiro from bullying, he invites her to the riverside and shows her a dead body. Kozue, who also sees this dead body, turns up, and the three of them become bound in a peculiar friendship.
    Director_ YUKISADA Isao
  • Asian Premiere
    SUKITA: The Shoot Must Go On

    SUKITA: The Shoot Must Go On

    Sukita has spent his life photographing many of the world’s leading musicians inculding David Bowie. Featured interviews with long-time Sukita admirers Jim Jarmusch, Paul Smith and Christopher Thomas.
    Director_ AIHARA Hiro
  • Asian Premiere
    The Bangle Seller

    The Bangle Seller

    A village bangle seller and his wife cannot conceive a child. In this close-knit patriarchal community in South India, hidden desires and relationships find a way to exist. Will the husband’s secret ever come out?
    Director_ Ere GOWDA
  • The Cakemaker

    The Cakemaker

    Tomas, a Berlin pastry chef who learns that Oren, his lover, has died in a car accident in Jerusalem. Desiring to better know his now lost love, he inserts himself into the life of Oren’s wife and young son.
    Director_ Ofir Raul GRAIZER
    Israel, Germany2017104minDCPFiction
  • The Children Act

    The Children Act

    Based on Ian McEwan´s novel. About a judge who finds personal and professional crises colliding when she is asked to rule in the case of a boy who is refusing the blood transfusion that would save his life.

    Director_ Richard EYRE
  • The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin

    On the night of March the 2nd 1953, a man is dying. A terrible stroke is wracking his entire body. The man is Joseph Stalin. Follows the Soviet dictator´s last days and depicts the chaos of the regime after his death.
    Director_ Armando IANNUCCI
    France, UK, Belgium2017107minDCPFiction
  • Asian Premiere
    The Scourge

    The Scourge

    Carlos is a social worker responsible for a Center for Juvenile Justice. Emiliano is a coworker who tries to undermine the role of him. The arrival of two minors reveals the administrative cracks.
    Director_ Jose Celestino CAMPUSANO
  • The Widowed Witch

    The Widowed Witch

    After losing her house and husband, rural woman Wang Erhao leads a stranded life. In order to survive, she pretends to be a shaman to rid villagers of evil spirits, and ironically, her deceits often become real.
    Director_ CAI Chengjie
  • What Will People Say

    What Will People Say

    At home, Nisha is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha’s two worlds brutally collide.   
    Director_ Iram HAQ
    Norway, Germany, Sweden2017106minDCPFiction
  • Zagros


    Havin, the wife of Kurdish shepherd Zagros, is being accused of adultery. She flees to Brussels with their daughter. Zagros is convinced of her innocence, however, the poisonous seeds of doubt keep growing.   
    Director_ Sahim Omar KALIFA
    Belgium, Greece, Turkey2017103minDCPFiction