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  • Cinematology, which handles matters such as gaining understanding of films through films and diverse records between history of films and scenes, is filled with portraits and statements of various filmmakers. Through Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach, Ken Loach, a master of English film, illustrates fifty years of his film career. Cinema Novo is a film that records and reflects a new trend in Latin film. Through Exprmntl, people and records of festivals, which took place in experimental films of Europe, come together.

    Fritz Lang is a film biography that delivers an interesting component by mixing fictions, films, and facts surrounding M, a showpiece of Fritz Lang. Manifesto exhibits more than fifty statements regarding the arts by artists and thinkers of 20th century through thirteen individuals. With Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present, Tony Conrad describes his unique image and world of cinema. It shows that not only history of films can be reenacted, but also the history of current era is covered on top of this historical image.

    In addition, cinematology does not simply show films. It collaborates with 'cinematology class', which provides a platform for directors or professional in this domain to deliver lectures. It will become the perfect time to understand films in-depth.