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Director Sudhanshu SARIA
  • India│
  • 2015│
  • 92min│
  • DCP│
  • color│
  • Feature Film │
  • Fiction



Code Date Time Theater Info Ticket
227 2016. 04. 30 14:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 6 HEK19GV
420 2016. 05. 02 14:00 Jeonju Cinema Town 7 HEK19GV
611 2016. 05. 04 11:00 CGV Jeonjugosa 5 HEK19GV


The film begins with a scene of an apartment in Mumbai. Alex, a friend and lover of Sahil, left for the airport, ending their relationship. Jai returns to Mumbai for a business trip, which becomes a turn to Sahil. Jai and Sahil plan a trip to countryside and are attracted to each other. Homosexuality in India is punishable by law. It took a lot of courage and agony for the director to deal with gay romance. He doesn’t leave the two in a suppressed victim’s side. He catches subtle emotions and swings between love and friendship, taking a delicate snapshot of human life. The title is Loev, not Love, which inspires us a lot. It implies how complicated the same sex romance would be in Mumbai. It is the kind of love that is possible only when it is called otherwise. With delicate emotions, the film shows a prototype of contentious but sensitive melodrama. (LEE Sang-yong)


Director Sudhanshu SARIA
Screenplay Sudhanshu SARIA
Producer Arfi LAMBA, Sudhanshu SARIA
Cinematography Sherri KAUK
Art Director Sweta GUPTA
Editor Nitesh BHATIA
Music Tony KAKKAR
Sound Pritam DAS
Cast Shiv PANDIT, Dhruv GANESH, Siddharth MENON


Sudhanshu SARIA

Born in India. Earned his BFA in Film and Photography from Ithaca College, New York. He directed several short films such as A Tight Spot(2010) and His New Hands(2013). Loev is his feature writing and directing debut.


(Loev) DIR. Sudhanshu SARIA