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A film set in the 1960s about Chet Baker, a trumpet player who left his mark in jazz history. His life is a series of drugs and booze, which is not unlike the leisurely rhythm of jazz while the scenes where he appears in the movie are linked together like his freestyle way of playing that tears down the boundary with reality.

And above it all is his love story with Jane which is an essential part of Chet Baker’s life in the sixties. She was an African-American and the sixties was a time when the issue of race was a big deal. However, the film is neither a political story nor the heroic tale of an individual. It belongs to that era but dreams of a new era through music and observes the times through the portrait of an artist that is full of passion and addiction.

Born to Be Blue is a biographical film where success and downfall overlap and shows the life of Chet BAKER along with various styles of jazz performance. The scene in the second half where he goes up on stage remains as ‘jazz’ itself that transcends life’s ups and downs. All these elements play in harmony along with the music, the direction, and Ethan HAWKE’s portrayal of the complicated character of Chet BAKER.