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Modern Chilean Cinema: A New Territory in Latin America

Unlike the previous generation of lms that were based on participation in reality, Chilean lms starting from the mid 2000s show a variety of themes, styles and outlook on the world and form the new wave of ‘Latin American cinema’.

Pablo LARRAIN, Sebastian SILVA, Alejandro Fernandez ALMENDRAS and Jose Luis TORRES LEIVA are the new generation who have been searching for their own styles in order to converse with the diverse problems in Chilean society. Special Focus on the ‘Modern Chilean Cinema: A New Territory in Latin America’ introduces the new trends and leaders in modern Chilean cinema and the cinematic awareness of issues for the new generation.

The Club , which won the Silver Bear at the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival is set against a community of bizarre priests and is a sharp metaphor for the anxiety that exists in Chilean society. Much Ado about Nothing by Alejandro Fernandez ALMENDRAS picks out the injustices of life that are overwhelmed by the power of logic through a game of truth while Verano by Jose Luis TORRES LEIVA is a mesmerizing lm that follows a summer daydream. The Year of The Tiger, Thursday Till Sunday, The Maid, Dog Flesh and The Summer of Flying Fish are major works that summarize the key trends in Chilean cinema since 2010.