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Philippe GRANDRIEUX: The Rediscovery of Cinematic Language

‘Philippe GRANDRIEUX: The Rediscovery of Cinematic Language’ is a retrospective of the work of Philippe GRANDRIEUX, a radical image explorer. The retrospective will introduce 8 main films to showcase Philippe GRANDRIEUX as a filmmaker, video writer and theorist.

Back to Sarajevo, and It May Be That Beauty Has Strengthened Our Resolve - Masao Adachi, which are documentaries, three feature films with a combination resulting from images and sounds and films that explore the human body and images like Sombre, A New Life, A Lake, White Epilepsy, Meurtriere and Despite the Night all exhibit the artistic tendencies of GRANDRIEUX. GRANDRIEUX’s films do not obsess over conventional styles or narratives or meanings and instead respect experience with images and uses naked bodies and the combination of sounds and images to tell stories whose roots are hard to track.

Philippe GRANDRIEUX will visit Jeonju during the film festival and hold a masterclass to talk about his insights into cinema.