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An even more diverse range of portraits of cinema artists comprise Cinematogology, which understands movies through movies and the richness and passion of films and filmmaking.

Leading the way is Kent JONES’s Hitchcock/Truffaut, a screen adaptation of the discussion between Hitchcock and Truffaut, who is known in Korea for his book Cinema According to Hitchcock, followed by De Palma, by Noah BAUMBACH about Brian DE PALMA, Notfilm, a film about the making of Film, known for the joint performance of Samuel BECKETT and Buster KEATON and two artists, and The 100 Eyes of Dr. Maddin about Guy MADDIN, the experimental video artist, all of which are films that cinephiles can only love. Harold and Lilian: A Hollywood Love Story especially will show the beauty of filmmaking and the amazing efforts of Hollywood crew through Hitchcock’s The Birds and the work and interviews of the great storyboard artist Harold. Lilian, his wife, works as a movie researcher and has stayed by his side for a half century.

Their life and love are a movie. Cinematology goes beyond simply screening films and is linked to ‘Cinematology Class’ which are lectures by directors and experts who understand their lives and the work more than anyone else. This will be an intense time for understanding cinema.