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Outdoor Screening

Apart from the opening film and the closing film, the outdoor screenings which will light up the nights in the outdoor theater are filled with diverse stories and familiar films.

They are filled with various themes and genres that range from Kai, the new animation by director LEE Sung-gang, The Big Bee, with its Japanese star-studded cast, and Heidi, a real action character already well known through animations. This year’s program includes the ‘Outdoor Screening Gala’ of DONGJU; The Portrait of a Poet with the director and cast present to enable the audience to enjoy a cinema paradise outdoors. Outdoor screenings filled with families, genres, music and well-written drama extends to films that feel new like Morris from America, a film that makes cultural differences and the joy of growing up interesting by presenting them through the coming-of-age story of a boy who moves from the U.S. to Germany and dreams of becoming a rapper.