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Midnight In Cinema

This year’s Midnight in Cinema consists of 9 films and 3 programs.

The select\ion was based on whether the films provide an opportunity to experience new horizons in methods of expression without leaning only to the extremes of expression. There are two main trends; exploration of eroticism through cinema and self-consciousness of the fantasy genre.

Gaspar NOE’s Love is a shocking depiction of the sexual relationship of young lovers and questions the meaning of ‘love’. The problematic Larry CLARK has a close encounter with the subculture of teenagers once again in The Smell of Us. Eve HUSSON’s Bang Gang, subtitled A History of Modern Love, follows the self-indulgent daily lives of teenagers. Burying the Ex by Joe DANTE, the magician of the B movie genre, is a clear manifestation of the self-consciousness of B movies. Trivisa, which conjures up memories of Hong Kong noir, Men & Chicken, a cruel comedy armed with a chilling Northern European sense of humor, Martyrs, a remake of a horror film, Wild, a metaphor for the revelation of self-identity manifested in the wild will light up the nights of Jeonju.