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Cinemafest, which showcases films of a wide spectrum of drama and styles, screens diverse films led by 24 Weeks, which was in competition at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, and includes Being Charlie by Rob REINER, a master of coming-of-age films, OPERATION AVALANCHE, set in the days where a spaceship was sent to the moon, and Samurai Architect Tadao Ando, about the real life of ANDO Tatao, one of Japan’s most representative architects.

There are also documentaries that draw attention to culture. Raise Your Arms and Twist: Documentary of NMB48 is an interesting film about the girl group NMB48 that gives us a glimpse into Japan’s contemporary culture in which idol culture took root a long time ago. Strike a Pose about the dancers who ruled the screen with Madonna shows their past and their present and presents the history of pop culture and touches hearts.

Also, films like Irreplaceable a drama set in rural France overflowing with the warmth of France and featuring the differences and communication between a doctor of the past generation and a new, young doctor and Nobody From Nowhere which contains the strong characteristics of a thriller are also screened.