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Expended Cinema

From this year, Expanded Cinema is a focused exploration into one theme. It will take on the form of ‘an exhibit with a sub theme’.

The theme for this year’s Expanded Cinema is ‘Cinematic Landscape’. Films that show cinematic application of landscapes or captivating scenery shall be introduced.

‘Lois PatiNo: Landscape of Cinema’ is a project that explores the world of Lois PatiNo, a promising Spanish video artist. 4 short films by Lois PATINO that expand the possibility of expressing images through scenery will be screened and an exhibit curated by PATINO himself will be held. Topophilia, I Am Belfast, and Santa Teresa & Other Stories, which show breathtaking views of landscape aesthetics are films that opened new horizons for images of scenery. Other innovative films include Sixty six, a collaboration between movies and comics, Heart of a Dog by media artist Laurie ANDERSON, Samurai-S, a portrayal of magical images, and Hierba.