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Korea Cinemascape

Like last year, Korean Cinemascape selected new films by directors who have made 2 or more films and films by new directors that are well made or possess a strong theme although we could not include them all in the competition section.

Feature films by established directors include If You Were Me by SHIN Yeonshick, CHOE Equan, LEE Kwangkuk, a civil rights committee commissioned project that proves the excellent direction skills of established directors, Star Park’s Coffee shop by LEE Sangwoo which illustrates the warm love of people compared to the provocative trend in films, Woojoo’s Christmas by KIM Kyunghyung, which captures the incomprehensible coincidence in life, and films by new directors include Garak Market Revolution by JUNG Dawon with its witty dialog, The Artist: Reborn by KIM Kyoungwon about an artist with an unusual perspective, Home Sweet Home by LIM Daseul which deals with family issues in a focused way.

We selected documentaries with a wide range of trends like Seven Years-Journalism without Journalist by KIM Jinhyuk, a documentation of the lives of reporters who have been fired, Spy Nation by CHOI Seungho, which reports on the spy incident manipulated by a national intelligence agency, Bistari, Himalaya by PARK Junghun, the adventures of young popular musicians, Grandma-Drawer by KIM Jigon, a heartwarming look at the elderly residents of a village that is dying out, Commune Seoul by YOU Jargyoung, a look at the knowledge community and a dilapidated Seoul, Backstage by LEE Jaeho, which follows the lives of mixed martial arts fighters outside of the ring, and Tears of the Bugs by JEONG Heedo and LEE Seyoung which approach the Vietnam War through video essays and interviews.