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World Cinemascape: Masters

‘World Cinemascape: Masters’ selected 15 directors who have established their own with their unwavering outlook on the world and their distinct styles.

Visit or Memories and Confessions is the unreleased film by Manoel de OLIVEIRA, a legend in the history of cinema. According to his wishes, this film came to light following his death. Junun, the first documentary by Paul Thomas Anderson, Jose Luis GUERIN’s The Academy of the Muses which tells the philosophical story of love, and The Son of Joseph by Eugene GREEN which is a projection of biblical allegories also are to be noted. Sunset Song by Terence DAVIES which demonstrates the dignity of narrative drama, Cornelius PORUMBOIU’s The Treasure, which shows the essence of the aesthetics of irony, Masao ADACHI’s Artist of Fasting, which is close to the extremes of leftwing anarchism, Bleak Street by the Mexican cult artist Arturo RIPSTEIN and The Clan, an irrational comedy about the link between crime and politics are all must-see films.