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World Cinemascape: Spectrum

‘World Cinemascape: Spectrum’ introduces a total of 35films.

The highest number of films were invited from 20 countries in a vast expansion of form, genre, and style.

Films from Latin America have a strong presence this year. From Afar, which won the Golden Lion at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival, I Promise You Anarchy, a film that goes against the grain of a coming-of-age film, demonstrate the tremendous power of Latin America. The spotlight also falls on movies that brought the independent spirit of ‘self-discipline’ and ‘experimentation’ to the screen. Happy Hour by HAMAGUCHI Ryusuke breaks the conventions of narrative films with its running time of over 5 hours. One Floor Below and Illegitimate show the essence of films in Romania, a new origin for European cinema. Things to Come, which received the Award for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival this year, Life After Life, a Chinese film where reality and fantasy maintain a bizarre coexistence, and Remainder, a debut film by video artist Omer FAST will summarize the trends in world cinema.