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Jeonju Cinema Project

Jeonju Cinema Project is now in its third year since it became a feature production project.

The projects of the past two years were acknowledged by various international film festivals and provided a foundation for theatrical release in Korea. From this year, our goal is to become a turning point in producing visible results in addition to accomplishments at overseas film festivals and domestic theatrical release.

A Stray Goat by CHO Jaemin, the first collaboration between the Jeonju International Film Festival and Myung Film, is a creepy yet lyrical film set in the village of Goseong where it never snows about a boy and a girl who share a friendship and affirm humanity in a cruel world.

KIM Soo-hyun, who demonstrated a unique outlook on the world and a distinct style through So Cute and Life is peachy, brings a black comedy titled Great Patrioteers about a young man, who moves from gosiwon to gosiwon after leaving home, and a conservative old man, who’s been fighting the left wing all his life, whose friendship develops into a pseudo grandfather and grandson relationship.

The Decent by Lukas Valenta RINNER whose film Parabellum was invited to the Rotterdam International Film Festival and received the Special Jury Award at the Jeonju International Film Festival last year, is the story of a maid in an enclosed rich neighborhood in Argentina coming across a secretive nudist club which leads to an incident that boldly illustrates the irrational conditions of life for people living in the modern day.