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Korean Competition

121 lms were submitted to Korean Competition this year.

Most were narrative dramas that were positive in their expansion of the parameters of what is popular. Nevertheless, we have selected lms that have character and unique, independent lm style or form. They are Worst Woman , in which the director’s sensitive point of view is prominent, by KIM Jongkwan,who has long been building a reputation in the independent lm sector, Curtain Call by RYU Hoon, a well-made lm about a commotion, A Field Day by KIM Jintae, which captures the vitality of mass narrative, Delta Boys by KO Bongsoo, a brilliant black comedy about losers, PRESS by CHOI Jeongmin, which shows rage that is most independent lm-like out of the all the submitted lms, With or Without You by CHO Sungeun with its calm direction, and Our Love Story by LEE Hyunju.

The documentaries dealt with a much more diverse range of materials and new attempts compared to the feature lms and include Mrs. B. A North Korean Woman by YUN Jero about the unfortunate life of a women who defected from North Korea, Breathing Underwater by KOH Heeyeong, an elegant portrayal of the lives of diving women, and No Preparation for Old
Age by LEE Dongwoo which shows the ups and downs in the lives of the young members of a punk band.