Cinema Fest

Cinema Fest

Cinema Fest has been a venue to introduce films that achieved cinematic quality as well as a high popularity among audiences from different generations. This year, Cinema Fest will screen the following six films.

Dream Horse is a film based on an actual story that is more dramatic than a drama. Small town characters from a little Welsh community raise money to buy a racehorse, who finally wins a race. The Audition tells a story about Anna, a violin teacher who goes through a challenge in her family life as she focuses more on her profession. Shape of Red is a story about Toko, who is living a seemingly flawless and affluent life as a housewife. She runs into her ex-boyfriend from long ago and the encounter kindles her enthusiasm again. Just 6.5 is an Iranian action-thriller movie that reset the nation’s box office record. Town without Sea is a directed by IKEDA Elaiza, who is well known as a model and actress in Japan. Her directorial debut film portrays beautiful days of teen boys. Listen to the Universe is based on the novel of the same name by ONDA Riku, who tells us a story about young pianists’ love and aspiration during an international piano competition. In this venue, we will meet diverse genres of films ranging from an underdog sports movie and movies featuring music and love, to an action thriller.

Programmer CHUN Jinsu

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