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The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival announces finalists for ‘Korean Competition’! 2017/03/14 212

-11 films were select\ed and will compete for the main awards
-5 documentaries were chosen which indicates the advance of ‘genre’

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (Festival Director LEE Choong-jik) announces 11 finalists for its official competition section. On March 13th, the utive committee of Jeonju International Film Festival has said, “Korean Competition, which is for films with 40minutes or longer, is the main program of the Jeonju IFF. This year, 11 out of 128 films from general competition and 5 films from local cinema were select\ed through a strictly impartial judging process by our programmers.

Finalists for ‘Korean Competition’ are HWANG Gyu-il’s Fountain, LEEM Tae-gyu’s The seeds of Violence, LEE Seung-won’s Happy Bus Day, JUNG Hyung-seok’s The Night View of the Ocean in Yeosu, YOO Ji-young’s Duck Town, LEE Wan-soo’s Nomad, SEON Ho-bin’s , WOO Kwang-Hoon’s Dancing with Jikji, MA Min-ji’s Family in the Bubble, PARK Moon-chil’s Blue Butterfly Effect, and KIM Ji-hye’s Hologram Universe.

All films except Happy Bus Day will receive a world premiere in the Jeonju IFF this year. Regarding genre, 6 feature films and 5 documentaries were chosen. Following 1 documentary film in the 16th edition and 3 documentary films in the 17th edition, 5 documentaries have been included in the finalists this year, which indicates documentaries are getting into their strides. The other noticeable point is that Family in the Bubble, an award winner from last ‘Jeonju Project Market(JPM) 2015’, has been included in the finalists.

Executive Programmer of the Jeonju IFF KIM Young-jin said, “More quality documentaries were submitted compared to last year. Those documentaries such as Myeonuri, Dancing with Jikji, Family in the Bubble, Blue Butterfly Effect and Hologram Universe put a spotlight on the diverse aspects of our society through the individual life and experience. In the case of feature films, we focused on the films which demonstrated lethargic society in their own perspective. Also, we select\ed films made by the directors who directed more than 3 films in his career and films with a unique perspective for ‘Korea Cinemascape’, which will be announced soon.”

Along with ‘Korean Competition for Shorts’, which has been announced last month, all of the finalists for Korean Competitions has been announced now. These 11 films will be competing for the main awards at the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival, which will be held from April 27th in Jeonju.

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