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80 The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival introduces its Official Posters! 2017/03/02 297

▲ The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival Official Posters

- Both main poster and alternative poster symbolize ‘an outlet for expression in film’the slogan of this year
- The demonstration of Jeonju International Film Festival’s commitment to diversity and dynamism

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival unveils its official posters for 2017. Official posters which were released on Tuesday, February 28 visualize the motto, ‘an outlet of expression in film,’ the slogan of the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival, using imageries symbolizing the movement of ‘light’ and ‘butterfly.’

In the same manner as the 17th Jeonju IFF, the 18th Jeonju IFF decided to make use of both main poster and the alternative poster. “We positioned the light that comes in from different angles and the butterfly in front. This symbolizes the slogan of Jeonju IFF which has supported the freedom of expression in film and arts without being swayed by external pressure,” the utive committee of Jeonju IFF explained the motif of posters.

Jeonju IFF this year has returned to the imagery of ‘Butterfly’ which was previously used as symbol of the 13th and 14th Jeonju IFF, to deliver the festival identity, ‘the film festival in Spring.’ This time, the symbol of butterfly has been dynamically changed into more vibrant image of butterfly fluttering its wings, ready to soar, implying that Jeonju IFF will provide an outlet of expression through diverse film programs.   

The two colors of headlights coming in from different angles visualize the opening of the 18th Jeonju IFF. The lights pouring in from diverse angles, also express the confidence of Jeonju IFF which has become the world’s cinematic event in which people from various countries are introduced to a diverse range of films covering various themes, messages, agendas, and styles.

Furthermore, the key color representing Jeonju IFF has been turned into a brand, as renamed as ‘Jeonju Red.’ The key color red has long set the lively tone for Jeonju IFF. With its new brand name, ‘Jeonju Red,’ the brand color of Jeonju IFF is expected to greatly help establishing the Jeonju IFF’s identity. Meanwhile, blue green color was select\ed as an alternative color of the 18th Jeonju IFF, which heightens the progressive tone of Jeonju IFF, adding lively and exuberant mood of spring.

While the release of official posters has raised people’s expectations for ‘film festival of spring,’ the 18th Jeonju IFF is scheduled to take place at Jeonju Film Street from 27th (Thu) to May 6th (Sat).

※ For press inquiries, please contact Publicity Dept. at foreign@jiff.or.kr (T. 063-280-7998).