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77 The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival’s Competition Now Closed for Entries! 2017/02/20 285

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival´s Competition Now Closed for Entries!

- 128 entries for Korean Competition, 748 entries for Korean Competition for Shorts, 918 entries for total
- Finalists will be announced in Early March

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (Jeonju IFF, Festival Director LEE Choong-jik) closed entries for the competition. Jeonju IFF has opened entries for general competitions from December 1st of 2016 to January 31st of 2017, and for local cinema from December 16th of 2016 to February 6th of 2017. Overall, 918 films were submitted; 127 films for ´Korean Competition´, 748 films for ´Korean Competition for Shorts´ and 43 films for local cinema.

Eighty-three fiction films and forty-four experimental and documentary films have been submitted to ´Korean Competition´ which has targeted one´s first or second feature films. One noticeable point is that award winners from last ‘Jeonju Project Market(JPM)’ participated in this competition. It is inspiring that a lot of films were lead to the production through ´Jeonju Project Market´. Also, the number of international co-production films was highly increased than last year.

In case of ´Korean Competition for Shorts´, there were 87 more films submitted than last year. Seven hundred and forty-eight films were submitted, which is the highest entry record ever. The number of entries by student directors was also increased. A lot of films were submitted from film-related schools such as Korea National University of Arts and Korean Academy of Film Arts. It indicates that Jeonju International film festival is performing key role of discovering rising stars of Korean film industry.

Starting from the 18th edition, Jeonju International Film Festival introduced ´Local Cinema´ to support local filmmakers. The majority of the films submitted were made by the local residents of Jeollabuk-do and mostly shot in Jeollabuk-do.

Preliminary juries for ´Korean Competition for Shorts´ are film critics BYUN Sung-chan, NAM Daeun and SONG Hyo-jung. BYUN Sung-chan is a renowned film critic who participated in ´Indie Forum´ and ´Seoul Independent Documentary Film&Video Festival´. NAM Daeun participated in ´Indie Forum´ as a programmer with a depth of knowledge in independent films. SONG Hyo-jung received ´Cine 21 Film Criticism Award´, and performs in various fields currently.

The utive committee of Jeonju International Film Festival(Jeonju IFF) has said, "We expect to see quality films as a lot of films were submitted in both feature and short films. With select\ing process of finalists, we are about to gear up for the upcoming festival." The finalists will showcase at the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival, which will be held from April 27th to May 6th for 10 days. Finalists for ´Korean Competition´ and ´Korean Competition for Shorts´ will be announced in early March and compete for the main awards.

※ For press inquiries, please contact Publicity Dept. at foreign@jiff.or.kr (T. 063-280-7998).