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Program modifications to the ticket catalogue(April 19, 2018)

Program updates and modifications to Jeonju IFF’s ticket catalogue have been made as below. (Apr 19th ver.)

1. Changes to Guest Visit (GV) Schedule

a) (M8) <Encroach>
p19, p121 - GV has been canceled on May 6th (Sun) 21:00 at MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 8. (Code 372)

b) (JD) <Steel Rain>
p15, p97 - Stage greeting has been added on May 4th (Fri) 19:00 at Jeonju Dome. (Code 144)

2. Changes to Program Information
a) (World Cinemascape) <John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection>
p21, p25, p103, p107 - English title has been changed. (Code 453, 607)

b) (Masters) <A Skin So Soft>
p16 - May 6th Screening time has been changed to 20:30. (Code 359)

c) (World Cinemascape) <ONE PIECE: International Classics -Movie Brain->
p80 - Production Year has been changed to 2014.

d) (International Competition) <Distant Constellation>
p14, p20, p26, p48 - Duration has been changed to 82 minutes. (Code 118, 460, 748)

e) (Special Focus: Regained Time of Raul Ruiz) <The Suspended Vocation>
p 141 - Color spec has been changed to color/b&w. (Code 110, 251, 744)

f) (International Competition) <Notes on an Appearance>
p50 - English title has been revised. (Code 134, 440, 702)

g) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <A Good Business>
p18, p24, p30, p32, P65 - Duration has been changed to 100 minutes. (Code 345, 610, 922)

h) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <Winter´s Night>
p18, p24, p30, p32, P65 - Duration has been changed to 98 minutes. (Code 326, 504, 933)

i) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <The Land on the Waves>
p16, p20, p22, p32, P65 - Duration has been changed to 85 minutes. (Code 213, 461, 533)

j) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <The Best We Can>
P67 - Duration has been changed to 109 minutes. (Code 131, 316, 912)

k) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <NONA. If You Soak Me, I Will Burn You>
P18, P24, P31, P32, P67 - Duration has been changed to 97 minutes. (Code 322, 646, 908)

3. Changes to Program Events
a) (Frontline Class) <Let the Corpse Tan>
p147 - Theater has been changed: MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa)10 >>> CGV Jeonjugosa 1

b) (Frontline Class) <Holiday>
p147 - Theater has been changed: CGV Jeonjugosa 8 >>> MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 8

c) (Forum) ‘The History of the Film Disney had Changed’ <Fantasia 2000>
p153 - Guest added: JANG Byunhwon(Jeonju IFF Programmer)

d) (Frontline Class) <Let the Coprse Tan>, <Holiday>, <Cocote>
p147 - Date has revised: May 4 (Sat) >>>> May 4 (Fri)

e) (Frontline Class) <Classical Period>, <The Tree>
p148 - Date has been revised: May 5(Sun) >>>> May 5(Sat)

f) (Talk Class) <MYSTERY PINK>
p151 - Guest added: (Actor) SEO Hyunjin

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