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The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival holds SONG Gil-hans’s special exhibition:‘SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit’

Only You, Bhiksuni (Courtesy of Im Kwon Taek Film Museum of Dongseo University)

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival will hold a special exhibition of writer SONG Gil-han, one of the most important figure in Korean film history. ‘SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit’ has been included in ‘Special Focus’ section, which introduce the world’s greatest directors to Korean audiences and present a conversation with world masters.

Executive Programer KIM Yongjin has said, “SONG Gil-han is a screen writer, who takes an important place in terms of modern Korean cinema history. Especially his works after 1980s such as Jagko, Mandara, Gilsotteum, and Ticket, which were produced in a collaboration with the film director IM Kwontaek, thoroughly encompassed numerous issues including the history of divided territory, redemption of individuals, and social corruption. Besides these films, Tears of the Idol, Village of Haze, and Crying in a Butterfly’s Embrace were good examples of his keen insights as a writer by capturing humans and societies in both macroscopic and microscopic perspectives under the mandatory production system of Korean cinema at the time."

In order to display paths of this astonishing screen writer, ´SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit´ plays twelve films of his work, which ranges from his early films like Only You, A Promise on the Last Day to Gilsotteum, which was the middle of work by collaborating with the director IM Kwontaek, to his late piece, Myong-Ja Akiko Sonia.

Especially, Bhiksuni, which was under the production in 1984 and yet, was not completed due to the opposition of buddhist community, would be partially recovered. Bhiksuni will have world premiere in the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival.

Especially, there will be an exhibition that focuses on his career and perspectives. This exhibition, which is co-hosted by the Im Kwon Taek Film Archive&Research Center of Dongseo University, will be held at 1F, Jeonju Cine Complex for free.

‘Special Focus: SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit’ is co-hosted by the Korean Film Archive and sponsored by TV5MONDE. Ticket reservation is available from April 13 at Jeonju International Film Festival official website(www.jiff.or.kr).

※ For press inquiries, please contact Publicity Dept. at foreign@jiff.or.kr (T. 063-280-7998).

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