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The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival unveils ´Jeonju Dome Screening´ and events.

Jeonju International Film Festival unveils ´Jeonju Dome Screening´ which is newly introduced in the 18th edition, and other events.

´Jeonju Dome´ is a TFS tent which is devised to correspond to changeable weather. Jeonju Dome is going to mainly hold Opening/Closing ceremony, gala screening, performances, and the audience party. The activation of events concentrated in a large tent will be special experiences of the 18th Jeonju IFF.

The first screening of ´Jeonju Dome Screening´ section is French director Edouard BAER´s Open at Night, which had its premiere in France on January 2017.

On April 29, director KIM Sungsoo´s Asura: The City of Madness, starring JUNG Woosung and HWANG Jungmin, will be screened. This film has been select\ed for Jeonju Dome Screening as one of the most important Korean movies in the previous year.

On April 30, there will be two screenings in Jeonju Dome. At 4:00pm, Ivan Tsarevitch And the Changing Princess: Four Enchanting Tales, a silhouette animation directed by Michel OCELOT, will be screened. With the theme of joy, Maudie depicts art and life of Moudi LOUIS, who left numerous pieces of artwork and sculptures. All screenings of this film will be in Jeonju Dome

Liberation Day, a travel journal to North Korea by Yugoslavian band, will be screened on May 1. After the screening, there will be a special performance by Laibach.

Director JOH Uiseok’s Master, starring LEE Byungheon, KANG Dongwon and KIM Woobin, will be screened at 7:00pm on May 2, and Lost in Paris, starring Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, who are married couple, will be screened on May 3.

On May 4, Little Harbour, which has won crystal bear in this year´s Berlinale will be screened. Director Iveta GROFOVA and main actress Vanessa Szamuhelova will have stage greetings before the screening. Two animations will be showing on day and night of Children´s day. Pat and Mat will be playing for free as a special screening for audiences of Children´s day. The cinema version of The Jungle Book: The Legend of the Giant Claw, which is a memorable film that a whole family can enjoy, will be playing at night.

Executive committee of Jeonju IFF has said, "We expect to create a festive atmosphere with performances and special guests in Jeonju Dome. Also, we will provide better environments than last year, in order to improve reception and convenience of visiting guests and audiences."

Reservation for Opening/Closing Ceremony and general screenings will be available soon. Reservation for Opening and Closing ceremony can be made from 2:00pm on April 11, and reservation for general screening can be made from 11:00am on April 13 at Jeonju International Film Festival’s official website(www.eng.jiff.or.kr).

※ For press inquiries, please contact Publicity Dept. at foreign@jiff.or.kr.

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