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The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival unveils its program schedule!

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival has announced its program schedule on the official website.

According to the program schedule, Jeonju International Film Festival will be kicked off with director Ildiko ENYEDI’s On Body and Soul, which will be screened at 7:00pm on Thursday, April 27 in ‘Jeonju Dome’. For 10 days, there will be more than 540 screening times in total of 5 theaters and 19 screens in Cinema Street.

Jeonju Cinema Project(JCP), a main program of Jeonju IFF, has attracted audiences this year again; LEE Changjae’s Project N, which is the record of South Korean electoral revolution of former president ROH Moo-hyun, KIM Yang-hee’s The Poet and The Boy, starring YANG Ik-jun, JEON Hyejin and JUNG Ga-ram, KIM Dae-hwan’s The First Lap, which showed the possibility of a Korean road movie. All three films will receive world premiere in the 18th Jeonju IFF.

Jeonju Dome Screening, which is a newly designed facility, will provide the most perfect opportunities to watch films. A variety of films will fill the outdoor space including Edouard BAER’s Open at Night, Ivan Tsarevitch And the Changing Princess, Lost in Paris, Asura: The City of Madness and Liberation Day. Also, Two animations will be showing on Children’s day. Pat and Mat, which will be playing for free as a special screening, and The Jungle Book will be memorable films that a whole family can enjoy.

There are variety of program events such as Master Class, a meeting designed for the audience to meet artists who have achieved cinematic accomplishments, Cinematology Class, which invites directors or related professionals to give a lecture to the audience following the screening of their film, Cinema Class, designed to provide the audience with in-depth conversations on notable films, Talk Class, a small group meeting with film professionals working in various fields.

Program schedules are uploaded on the official website(www.eng.jiff.or.kr). Ticket reservation for Opening/Closing Ceremony begins at 2:00pm on April 11, and reservation for general screening begins at 11:00am on April 13. The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival will be held from April 27 to May 6, for 10 days.

※ For press inquiries, please contact Publicity Dept. at foreign@jiff.or.kr.

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